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E-Cig smoking has become mainstream. There are more vapers today than ever before. This is why we're here to guide you on your vaping lifestyle. HKS700 E-Cigarette will help you set an etiquette that would guide e-cig users on how to vape responsibly especially in public. Even if there are less places where people can vape indoors in public, still you need to observe some social rules. The last thing nonsmokers would think about vapers would be the lack of manners. Here we will teach you the essential rules and updates on e-cigarette products  that you need to know as a vaper.

Vaping opposition are at it again. Now, they are saying that electronic cigarettes are using advertising and marketing to make vaping cool again. They are saying that vaping is advertising like it is the 1960s. The slew of celebrity endorsements and product placements are worrying anti-vaping advocates. They say that the drive is causing young people to get involved into something that is addictive.

For anti-vaping advocates the commercials are the height of the chutzpah that electronic cigarettes bring to the table. Electronic cigarette makers are using the marketing devices that used to be in the employ of Big Tobacco until it was disallowed to advertise. The use of sex, like in the ad that appeared in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, can be the new way of reviving a method like how the Marlboro Man captured the fancy of smokers. Electronic cigarettes, for anti-vaping advocates, are pushing the envelope owing to the fact that the industry is largely unregulated.

Anti-vaping advocates say that if the government is dead serious on public health, it should take a look at how electronic cigarettes make mincemeat of the situation. They wanted that the same regulations that apply for tobacco should be also applied to electronic cigarette advertising. They fear that this problem will cause the addiction problem to burst at the seams.

The rules should be also applied to electronic cigarettes that are apparently attracting young people to vape or take up the habit.

Lorillard, the company that ran the ads on behalf of their e-cig brand blu, placed warning labels on the ads saying electronic cigarettes are not for minors. Minors are not allowed to enter blu’s website.

Then again, anti-vaping groups are not convinced. They are not satisfied with the way electronic cigarette brands are handling their marketing campaign. They say, obviously, the ad campaign is aimed to attract young teenage boys into vaping. That is serious and should be something to be concerned of, they say.

The fear rises from the fact that electronic cigarettes can become a gateway to tobacco. Anti-vaping people are convinced that electronic cigarettes will lead young people into nicotine addiction and towards the use of tobacco cigarettes. Something that anti-smoking groups are worried about.

Current data, however, shows that this is not a problem, at least for now. Most young people that have been vaping are doing it to escape their nicotine addiction from tobacco. About 80 percent of young people that have tried electronic cigarettes that were asked in a survey said that they are dual smokers. They smoke both conventional and electronic cigarettes. One can lead to think that these young people vaping could be on to something. They might be using vapes as a way to escape tobacco and freedom from nicotine addiction.

Anti-vaping people are saying that electronic cigarettes brands are leading a new generation to pick up the habit. There are about a million vapers in the United States and about two million all across Europe.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices designed to help smokers get rid of their addiction. Putting ads that would make vaping cool can lead to a wrong notion and might send a wrong message.

But, we have to think away from emotion-filled tirades and look at the bigger picture. There is a huge debate in health circles about the ability of electronic cigarettes. We have to admit that electronic cigarettes, despite the small number of studies, are a thousand time safer than ordinary or conventional cigarettes. It has no smoke and does not have the same amount or even number of unhealthy chemicals that one can find in a tobacco smoke.

This is crucial. For the first time, man is able to invent something that can help at least get less exposure to tobacco. Tobacco kills and it is killing about six million people a year. Stopping or banning electronic cigarettes is a wrong move and a backward move towards helping smokers quit and re-align their live to be smoke-free. Regulations must key in certain points that would appease health advocates that there is no intent to target young people to be nicotine addicts. The truth is that, electronic cigarettes were invented to help nicotine addicts to overcome their addiction and not add more to the list.